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*** Line Dance Lessons in Marshfield ***

Instructor: Jeremy Quirt

Location & Details:

Monday Nights
(1st Monday of the month)

Summer Lessons
June, July, August
$5 / person

Rembs Celebration Center
250 S. Oak Ave | Marshfield 54449

Drinking/Water Fountain (bubbler) onsite.

Location & Details:

Monday Nights
(3rd Monday of the month)

Summer Lessons
June & July
$5 / person

Toeller Hall | Sacred Heart Catholic Church
1017 S. Central Ave | Marshfield 54449

Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage

Location & Details:

Wednesday Nights
(2nd Wednesday of the month)

Summer Lessons
June, July, August
$7 / person

Munson Bridge Winery
W6462 Bridge Rd | Withee, WI 54498

Beverages sold at location. No beverage/food carry in.

Location & Details:

Saturday Afternoon
(1st Saturday of the month)

Fall 2024-Spring 2025
Oct 5 - Nov 2 - Jan 4 - Feb 1 - Mar 1 - Apr 5
$7 / person

Labor Temple
318 S. 3rd Ave | Wausau WI 54401

Bring Your Own Beverages

Line Dance Lesson | Country Hoedown @ Memory Lane Farm | Marshfield

Line Dance Lessons @ Munson Bridge Winery | Withee

Line Dance Lessons @ Central Wisconsin State Fair Grounds | Marshfield
Fairest of the Fair Event

Remembering the past...Where we started...Sherriland.

In 2010, Tammy and I started taking line dance lessons at Sherriland Ballroom in the Town of Sherry.
Ed & Shirley Junemann were the instructors. They started the Sherriland Country Dancers.

Lessons at Sherriland started in 1998. Ed & Shirley taught Line and Partner Lessons. Shirley asked me to take over in 2014-2015.

Sherri-Land Group - 2019

When Ed & Shirley stopped teaching partners, Larry & Doneta volunteered to join the Tuesday night class at Sherriland.

Larry & Doneta taught partners for a few years. As time went on, there were fewer and fewer partners each year. Both the demand in that area for Line & Partner was decreasing.

It came to a hard decision of what to do next to keep Country Style Dancing alive in Central Wisconsin. Since we live in Marshfield and most of the dancers are from Marshfield, it only made sense to move lessons to Marshfield. We started teaching Line Dance Lessons at Rembs Celebration Center in June of 2021.

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