Demo Information


Demo Information

How About a Demo? We can do a demo for your event and show case who we are.
Contact us by email or phone about your event.

*Upcoming Demo Schedule*

Wednesday July 13th @ 12noon
Farm Technology Days - Loyal WI
Rustic Occasions - Roehl Acres
N8349 Miller Ave, Loyal, WI 54446

-Since Rustic Occasions is not located on the grounds of Tent City where FTD takes place and the general public need to take a tram to our location to view our events.
-you (country dancers) as a vendor for us should arrive at our location via Hwy 98 heading west out of Loyal to Miller Ave (the first mile out of town).
-There will be police presence at that intersection so that general traffic may not come south on Miller Ave, but I will get you a mirror tag to hang from your vehicle that will allow you access to Miller Ave.
-You can then proceed south about 1.5 miles to Rustic Occasions. You may park at our facility. If you wish to access Tent City, I will give you a pass to enter there.
- When you are coming into Loyal, I would suggest you NOT access Hwy H to Hwy K since that will only be an entrance into the main grounds at Tent City. -What I will need to know from you is how many vehicles will your group be bringing so I can get you some mirror tags and also how many passes your group would need for access to Tent City if you would like to visit that area?

Let me know by WED JUNE 29th

More info at
Saturday July 30th @ 10:30am
Hub City Days - Marshfield WI
Wenzel Family Plaza
201 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449

More Info at
*Dance / Song List*

*Tush Push
*Take Me Home
*Meat & Potato Man
*Bring Down The House
*Boogie Woogie Wisconsin Blues
*In Smokey Places
*Gives Me Shivers
*Gin & Tonic
*Back On Texas Time
*Canadian Stomp
*Trolls In September
*Lonely Drum
*Shake It Off
*Wagon Wheel
*Honky Tonkin' Fool AB
*Hooked On Country
*Cowboy Yodel
*K is for Kicks
*Knockin Boots
*Come & Ride w/ Me
*Dancin' All Over The World
*Asi Asi
*Demo Attire*

Shirts: Navy Blue or Purple preferred.
Bottoms: Pants, shorts or skirt. Black, tan or blue jeans.

Please dress family oriented for demo events.

*Past Demo Events*

Dairyfest | Marshfield
Maple Fest | Marshfield
Central Wisconsin State Fair | Marshfield
Cultural Fair at UW Marshfield
Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library
Marshfield Mall
McMillan Fall Fest

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