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Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

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Lessons Taught/Reviewed By: Jeremy Quirt

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Fall 2023- Spring 2024

That Honky Tonk Highway {Maggie Shipley}

Honky Tonk Highway {Luke Combs}

Drinkaby AB {Dee Palmer}

Drinkaby {Cole Swindell}

Church Clap {unknown}

Church Clap {feat. Lecrae - KB}

Lucky Lips {Gary Lafferty}

Lucky Lips {The Conquerors}

All My Exes {Shelagh Collins}

All My Ex's Live in Texas {George Strait}

Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance {John Dembiec}

The Muddy Muddy {Demun Jones}

Dancin' In The Country {Vanna Zerlotin}

Dancin' In The Country {Tyler Hubbard}

Country 2 Step {Masters In Line}

Walk of Life {Dire Straits or Shooter Jennings}

Young Again {Bjarne Frederiksen}

Young Again {Morgan Evans}

Glass of Wine {Malene Jakobsen}

Cry To Me {Kilotile}

Adventure At Sea {Sarah Preston Britto}

Best Adventure {Leaving Thomas}

Watermelon Moonshine {Nancy Rosera}

Watermelon Moonshine {Lainey Wilson}

Ten Tonne Truck {Jan Brookfield}

Ten Tonne Truck {Tami Nelson}

Four Fifths of Reckless {Candy Zirngible }

Wildflowers and Wild Horses {Lainey Wilson}

Tina's Waltz {Russ & Wilma Collier}

Which Bridge To Cross {Vince Gill}

Ready For It (This Is It) {Evan VanScoyk}

This Is It {Oh The Larceny}

Wipeout {Grace David}

Wipeout {Fat Boys feat. the Beach Boys}

And The Cowboy Rides Away {Fran Lineweaver}

The Cowboy Rides Away {George Strait}

Thank God For The Radio {Shirley Kurniawati}

Thank God For The Radio {Alan Jackson}

After Glow AB {Judy Worth}

Afterglow {Ed Sheeran}

Fun To Drink With {Maggie Shipley}

Fun To Drink With {Craig Moritz}

Dirty {Raymond Sarlemijn}

Dirty Work {Austin Mahone}

This Ole Hat {Dan Albro}

Under This Ole Hat {Sawyer Brown}

Baby Boots AB {Rob Holley}

Boots 'N All {Kaylee Bell}

Shotgun Jenny {Kathy Brown}

Shake It (feat. Big & Rich) {The Lacs}

One More Silver Dollar {Dustin Valcalda}

Everything I Love {Morgan Wallen}

WCF (Need This) {Becca Fulford}

Short Skirt Weather {Kane Brown}

Too Drunk To Drive {K Sholes & Shirley Blankenship}

Too Drunk To Drive {Luke Bryan}

That Creek Will Rise {Sue Ayers}

Creek Will Rise {Conner Smith}

Austin {Dasha}

Austin {Dasha}



Fall 2022- Spring 2023

Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights {Ivonne Verhagen}

Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights {Robynn Shayne}

Soul Baby {Pamela Ratz}

Soul {Lee Brice}

Copperhead Road {Steve Smith}

Copperhead Road {Steve Earle}

Dance Project {Ipiet Udha}

Americano / Dance Again {Glee Cast}

Bring Me Down {Lisa LeMier}

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down {The Mavericks}

Come On And Dance {Peter Metelnick}

Wait A Minute {Edwin Starr}

We're Good To Go {Rob Fowler}

Good To Go {L̉NIS}

Wine, Women & Song {Philip Fretz}

Wine, Women & Song {Patty Loveless}

Country As Can Be {Suzanne Wilson}

Country As Can Be {Brady Seals}

Penny Arcade {Bud Lite}

Penny Arcade {Black Lace}

Dirt On My Boots {Chance Phebus}

Dirt On My Boots (Jon Pardi}

Gin & Tonic Kisses {Kathy Brown}

Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) {Elle King & Miranda Lambert}

Country Walkin {Teree Desarro}

Walkin' the Country {Keith Urban}

Love Country Music {Cathy Snow}

Like I Love Country Music {Kane Brown}

Cowboy Strut {Cindy Hall }

The Boys & Me (Sawyer Brown}

Keys To The Country {Guylaine Bourdages}

Keys To The Country {Chris Janson}

Til You Can't {DiAnne Genrich}

Til You Can't {Cody Johnson}

The Morning After {Gary O'Reilly/Maggie Gallagher}

The Morning After {Nathan Carter}

Heads Carolina {Lynn Card}

She Had Me At Heads Carolina {Cole Swindell}

These Old Boots {Rob Fowler}

These Old Boots Have Roots {Aaron Watson}

Down In The Boondocks {Island Trio}

Down In The Boondocks {Billy Joe Royal}

Family Tradition {Kitty Russell}

Family Tradition {Hank Williams Jr.}



Fall 2021-Spring 2022

In Smokey Places

Smokey Places

Gives Me Shivers


Picnic Polka

Cowboy Sweetheart

Bring Down The House

Bring Down The House



Honky Tonkin' Fool AB

Honky Tonkin' Fool

Dancing All Over The World

Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu

AB Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Gin & Tonic

Love Drunk

Dead or In Jail

Dead or In Jail


Champagne Promise

Let Your Love Flow

Let Your Love Flow

I Still Got (What You Got Over)

I Still Got What You Got Over

Tequila Time

Tequila Little Time

Was I On A Boat?

I Was on a Boat That Day

Blinding Lights AB

Blinding Lights

C'est la Vie Baby

You Never Can Tell

Billy B Bad

Billy B Bad

Gloria AB




Summer 2021

Lovin On You Wisconsin

Lovin' On You

Boogie Woogie Wisconsin Blues

Boogie Woogie Fiddler Blues



Meat & Potato Man

Meat & Potato Man


Love Me

Let Their Be Country

Let Their Be Country

Bullfrog on a Log

I Gotta A Feeling

Trolls in September


Mamma Maria

Mamma Maria



No Truck Song

No Truck Song

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up



Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Mamma Maria

Lindi Shuffle
Moon Tide
Kinda Don't Care
Blue Note
Better When I'm Dancing Baby
Let There Be Country
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Cool Can Koozie
My T-Shirt EZ
Happy People
One Margarita 2
No I In Beer
Watergate Boogie
Hooked On Country
Dance Monkey
Rhythm of the Rain
Cuz It's Beer: 30
Cowboy Yodel
Hole In The Bottle
Crawfish Pie



Fall 2019 - Spring 2020


Absolutely Footloose
Country Bump
I Like Beer
Chilly Cha Cha
Take Me Home
Hear My Song
God's Country
Knockin' Boots
Come Along and Ride With Me
When You Smile
Little Honky Tonk Bar
Old Town Road
Bonaparte's Retreat
Mamma Mia! Why Me?



Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

K is For Kicks

Everybody Wants
Smooth Like Summer
Gleeful Waltz
NaNaNa Cha EZ
Back On Texas Time
Memories of Us
Another Saturday Night
I Close My Eyes
Down To The Honkytonk
Parking Lot Party



Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


Ain't My Fault
Piece of Cake
Calendar Girl
Down On Your Uppers
Ghost Train
Heartache on the Dance Floor
I've Got Mexico
Jailhouse Rock Creole
Double EL
Lonely Drum
Lonely Lady
Long Cool Woman
Trolls In September
My Spanish Eyes
Under The Sun



Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Bang Bang EZ

Eye Candy
Dirt On My Boots
X's & O's
Grand Daddy Long Legs
Your The One
Oh Behave
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Over The Moon
Unchained Melody
Step Back



Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Bandito's Last Ride

Chica Boom Boom
Vern's Dance
Easy Livin'
Bullfrog on a Log
Imelda's Way
Until The Dawn
Real EZ Life
Shake It Off
Broken Hearted Cha Cha
We Are Tonight



Fall 2014- Spring 2015

Cowboy Up {Barbara Hile}

Cowboy Up {Jill Johnson}

Cupid Shuffle {Bernard Bryson}

Cupid Shuffle {Cupid}

Cut A Rug {Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson}

Roll Back The Rug {Scooter Lee}

Go Cat Go {Gaye Teather}

Please Mama Please {Go Cat Go}

Here For A Good Time {Dee Blansett & Amy Auger}

Here For A Good Time {George Strait}

Mamma Maria {Frank Trace}

Mamma Maria {Ricchi E. Poveri}

Meat and Potato Man {Karen Tripp}

Meat and Potato Man {Alan Jackson}

Timber {Viviene Scott}

Timber {Pitbull}



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